Sunday, March 1, 2009

Heading East

Today we are leaving to head east. Naturally it would choose now to snow. I think we will be following it all the way...

Please be in prayer for traveling grace for us and also pray our trip is sucessful. We will be looking for a house. I have never been to this particular part of North Carolina so I am not sure how I will like it, however, I suppose I will have to adjust considering this will be our new home for the next few years.

I will be posting along on our trip and I will post photo's of things along the way.

I need to get off of here to finish our packing. I hate to pack...I put it off to the last minute because I hate it so much. But more than that I hate to unpack when the trip is done.

I washed up all of our dirty laundry yesterday after work, and now I am trying to get it all together...It is hard to pack for that long of a period of time, because as crazy as the weather is at times it could be snow or we may get to swim while we are there...

Well gotta run, au revoir!

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