Friday, March 20, 2009


They're here! They got here about 8:30 this morning and have been working steady ever since.

Our life in boxes...
Which got me to thinking about things. Of course, I have been an advocate for downsizing for some time now. I have done some downsizing...I have taken four loads to Goodwill in the last couple of days. However, we still have lots and lots of stuff.
So I started thinking...what if you didn't have stuff? What if we didn't have anything other than a few changing of clothes, and the necessities?
What if you were told that you had to leave your home in an hour, and take only what was most important to you, only what would fit into a box, or the back of your vehicle? What would you take? What is most important? What things would you just not be able to leave behind?
If I were moving and had to start from scratch with nothing but what would fit in my vehicle, I would have to carry photos, and family videos, computers ( because they all have important photos on them), a couple changing of clothes. However, I don't own one piece of clothing that I couldn't part with. My whole wardrobe is replaceable.
I would take my cameras with me, because I always have to document what is going in our life so we can remember.
I suppose there isn't anything that I would just have to have other than those things, and even they could be lived without if necessary.

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