Friday, March 6, 2009

Random from NC

Well my heart is somewhat heavy tonight. There was one house I really wanted and when we got back to the real estate office to start the process of trying to get the house, someone had already beat us to it! So back to square one. We had several lined out to see today, but after doing all the leg work yesterday, we found out that the agent was mistaken about the pet policy! All that work for nothing! So we looked at a couple...I'm not lovin' it yet!

Here are a few photo's from the trip here. I still haven't taken any photo's of the city yet, not a lot I see I want to photograph...

Noah and I are feeling much better today. Our allergy/sinus issues are still there, but not so much...

Please pray we find a good place to live. We have several musts, and a few flex points, but we need a place where we can feel like home. We have always tried to work hard to make every place we lived be "home". We don't like to feel like it is just a temporary situation. Even though it could only be two years or so, we want it to feel like home.

Here is a photo of the kiddo's clowning around in the hotel room.

Tonight we ate at the 316 Oyster Bar. I forgot just how bland North Carolina food is, even the seafood! I ordered the combination platter with catfish, shrimp and stuffed crab. She asked if I wanted to fish and shrimp fried or broiled. I asked if the broiled fish and shirmp were seasoned good, and she replied that they were very well seasoned. Yea right!! A little dash of paprika! I should have gone with the fried, at least it would have been something besides a big hunk of white flesh fish...I need to go to the grocery store and look to see if they sell Tony's, if not, I know what I am going to load up on when I get back to Little Rock.

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I think your children are the most beautiful and handsome in the world. I would love to see them and give them a hug.Give them a hug for me.


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