Friday, June 24, 2011

A Few Changes

Well as you can see, I've made a few changes to my blog. I felt it was past time for a change around here. I've had the same template since I started this blog so I hope you find it pleasing to the eye. I am still working on it, but it is up and running, so read on.

I know I have been scarce around here for some time now. But I hope that will soon change. I have been working on some blog post that I plan to put up soon. Of course, summer has been pretty lazy and laid back for me so if I am a little slow at it, just be patient. Some days I can't seem to resist the pool. So Noah and I often find ourselves spending long, lazy days in and out of the pool. Those days are usually followed up with long, lazy evenings on the deck and eating off the grill.

A few updates...

Well the chickens are doing well. We ended up with more roosters than hens with our first batch, so we had to find homes for the roosters because the neighbors were beginning to ask questions...So we bought a second batch of chicks and they are now big enough to go into the coop now. We got more Barred Rock and two Ameraucana's. We had those before and they lay the green/blue eggs. So although our egg collecting day will not come as soon as I had hoped, we are enjoying the process. Andrew finished the hen house and it looks very nice. I will try to post photo's soon.

Lauren left this morning to fly to San Antonio, TX to meet her boyfriends parents and family for the first time. I really think that will be all I will post about that right now.

Noah is enjoying his summer vacation. We have gone a couple of times to meet one of his school pals for a play date and they have had a really good time.

Megan is enjoying her summer as well. She has been taking a little break from piano lessons for the last few weeks. But she will start back on Tuesday. She also turned sweet sixteen this month and is officially looking for a job. She had a slumber party with a few friends and we gave her a surprise party after church on Sunday night. I really think we pulled it off and surprised her.

Some books I am reading:

Well everyone is getting hungry and I have liver thawed for supper, so I better get into the kitchen and get cooking.


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