Friday, July 18, 2008

Rumors of my demise are greatly exaggerated...

Yes, I realize it has been a while since I posted...But life has been happening. I have been working a lot and when I am home, I am to exhausted to think. Today is my day off this week and well, I am still to tired to think to much about this post. So I just wanted to post something to let anyone who is still reading this know that I am still alive and kicking! Just not kicking so high as of late. This having to get up and go to work everyday thing is crazy! I can't imagine why anyone would want to do it!

On the home front: Kiddo's are doing good. Lauren has a couple of photo shoots coming up. Megan is as usual, being very entrepreneurial. And Noah, little mister Noah, has been growing and expanding his vocabulary and his imagination by leaps and bounds! Andrew started a new project and the drive is much shorter than before, so our gas bill should drop. That is a great thing! As I said earlier, I am working...I have another week and then I will go back to the usual schedule. I will be so happy to go back to one day a week...I think I will celebrate.

We are still trying to plan a vacation. And Andrew and I are trying to plan an anniversary trip and then we are planning to take Noah to see Thomas the Tank Engine when it comes nearby. So the summer is just getting going for us. When most people are wrapping up theirs and going back to school, we will be getting our fun started.

Camp Meeting is starting the first weekend of August, so we will be busy with that for several days. Several people we know from Louisiana are coming up for that, so we will get to visit with old friends.

Of course birthdays are also near. Andrew and Lauren in early August and Noah in September and then I will turn the big 42 in November. Oh I can't forget Daphne's wedding in October, so we will be making a trip to Louisiana.

Whew! I am sure there is something else, but right now, I can't think of what...

Anyway, just to let you know, I am still here and do have more to say, but this is my one day off and I need to catch up on the laundry, dishes, floors, toilets, tubs..................well you know the routine.

I will leave you with a quote, well other than the one in the title.
I am back...I decided to leave you with a poem instead. Several years ago I discovered Billy Collins. He was the US poet Laureate from 2001 to 2003. It was during that time that I found some of his work in the library where I worked. I loved his wit and the way he thought. It reminded me of some of the quirky thoughts I have. Only his are much more articulated than my own. Which explains why he was Poet Laureate and well I am not!!

Anyway, this poem is one of my favorites of his, it is so very true. I have reached the age where this really reminds me of my own battle with trying to remember things. I hope you enjoy it.


The name of the author is the first to go
followed obediently by the title, the plot,
the heartbreaking conclusion, the entire novel
which suddenly becomes one you have never read,
never even heard of,
as if, one by one, the memories you used to harbor
decided to retire to the southern hemisphere of the brain,
to a little fishing village where there are no phones.
Long ago you kissed the names of the nine Muses goodbye
and watched the quadratic equation pack its bag,
and even now as you memorize the order of the planets,
something else is slipping away, a state flower perhaps,
the address of an uncle, the capital of Paraguay.
Whatever it is you are struggling to remember,
it is not poised on the tip of your tongue,
not even lurking in some obscure corner of your spleen.
It has floated away down a dark mythological river
whose name begins with an L as far as you can recall,
well on your own way to oblivion where you will join those
who have even forgotten how to swim and how to ride a bicycle.
No wonder you rise in the middle of the night
to look up the date of a famous battle in a book on war.
No wonder the moon in the window seems to have drifted
out of a love poem that you used to know by heart.
~Billy Collins~


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