Tuesday, March 3, 2009

We arrived...

We arrived at our destination about 8:30 eastern time last night. We were all very tired, we had been on the road Monday for about 12 hours. So you can imagine how Noah felt after that long in a car seat!

We arrived to a very cold 20 degrees! And with me nursing a sore throat and sinus drainage! I woke up this morning feeling like I had been hit by a very large truck. My back feels like I walked and carried our load all the way. I suppose it is from sitting in the car for so long in one position.

Well Andrew had some work business to attend to this morning so it will give me little time to shower and relax before we have to go out. I think it is only suppose to get in the 30's here today. But the sun is shining and that makes a difference. However, by Thursday it will be in the mid 70's! No wonder everyone I talk to is sick with some kind of allergy/sinus thing...

We stopped east of Memphis at a church parking lot and let the kids get out and play in the snow a few minutes. Noah who had just said how much he liked snow, looks as though he doesn't think the snow's so great after all!

The rest of the photo's are through the window shots, I hate that kind, but considering we were flying past the scenery at rates of 55 to 65 miles an hour, it was kind of impossible to get any other kind of shots. My husband is the type of traveler that feels like the destination is more important than the journey, and I am just the opposite. I can understand that this trip was a little different, we had to be here and this is more like a mission than an actual trip, but I like to enjoy the journey. Even if I am going to the grocery store, I like to make the trip enjoyable. I do that by taking a different route each time, noticing things along the way that I may have not noticed before. I am always on the look out for a photo op. When I am in serious need of a vacation, I will drive around town looking at things as though I am new to the place and try to find interesting things about the area to see and enjoy. Yes, I suppose I am a little nuts, but hey, what would like be like without a few nuts like me... Don't answer that!

These trees reminded me of those old flocked Christmas trees from the 70's. When you bought that can of mysterious white spray and sprayed it all on your tree to make it look like it was full of snow. Along with filling your lungs with no telling what kind of toxins! Or for those who bought artificial trees, you could buy them already flocked. We usually went into the woods near our house and cut down a tree. We liked the Charlie Brown kind of trees...

I am going to shower now, and try to actually feel human again. I will be posting more trip photo's later. After we have had a chance to explore our new home town. Hope we aren't disappointed. I have to be honest, as bad as I felt last night after the long journey, and this sinus junk I have brought along with me, I was having a few second thoughts. But like they say, things always look better in the light of day. Since I haven't see it yet, lets hope they are right.

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Anonymous said...

pictures are beautiful!!!
Yall feel better!!

Love ya,


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