Tuesday, March 17, 2009

We're back...

Well we made it back to Little Rock on Saturday evening. And we were all sick. Sunday we spent the day resting and recovering. Monday I had an appointment with the ENT about my ear. That turned out well. The viral infection I had found its way to my ear and had a party. Causing a blister to form on my ear canal. By the time I got to the ENT Monday it had already gone down. He perscribed me a few days of meds and said I should be fine.

Monday night, I am feeling much better and am eating some crackers and boom, a tooth starts hurting. I discovered that a tooth with a filling in it got chipped sometime and the filling is loose causing food and liquids to get underneath the filling..ouch!

The first available dentist appointment is tomorrow morning at 9:00. I will be there. I am praying that it won't start hurting to much between now and then.

Today Megan has an ortho appointment.

Thursday I have an appointment to use the Spa package that Andrew bought for me for my birthday last year, that I have never used. And Friday, the movers will be here...

Busy, busy week.

And it doesn't help having been sick and having to see the dentist unexpectedly...but such is life.

I don't have a whole lot of things to post about that is interesting. My days and nights are consumed by this move, and stressing over it all. Hopefully when I get settled in I can get back to more interesting things.

I am still working on the Family Journal, I haven't forgotten it, just taking longer to get it out than I thought. Please be patient with me.

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