Sunday, March 8, 2009

Carolina Beach Trip

Today we decided to take a day away from the stress of trying to find a house and just have a little fun. We drove over to Carolina Beach on the Atlantic coast. It was a beautiful sunny day. The temp was about 78* and was a very nice day.

We got there about noon and stayed around three hours. Mostly I just lay on the beach towel and listen to the waves. It has been so long since I heard that wonderful sound. It is such a relaxing sound. I could have fallen asleep and slept for hours, but when you have little ones to watch out far, you have to stay awake.

Andrew, Megan and Noah spent the day building sand castles and digging in the sand. Megan and Andrew went for a long walk along the beach and brought back a handful of treasures. They were actually shells, but I love finding shells along the beach. I especially like to look for sea glass, but I didn't do much but just enjoy being there. I really didn't feel well today. I stayed up to late, and with the time change, I didn't sleep much, and my head is so full of this sinus. My head was hurting, so just lying there in the sun was like a magic potion for my ills. I figured that the salt air, and sunshine would do more good than any of the medicine I have been taking this week. Looking out into the vast open ocean, feeling the breeze blowing across the beach, just being there...was awesome!

I have been landlocked for to long. I am glad that we are close to the ocean once again. Of course, we aren't nearly as close as we were when we lived on Padre Island, TX. There we were only a couple of blocks from the sand and surf. But it is a short drive over to the Atlantic from where we are now, so we can do some day-tripping.

Maybe next trip I will feel more like moving around more and taking more photo's. As soon as possible I want to drive to the Outer Banks and photograph the lighthouses again!

Well I got to get to bed, gotta drive Andrew to the airport EARLY in the morning...So I will post again from Carolina tomorrow. Maybe some photo's of the house...

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Angela Klocke said...

So many great shots!


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