Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Mission accomplished!!

Well our mission has been accomplished. We have a home! Today we signed the paperwork and I had the electricity transferred into our name. Tomorrow I have to go take care of having the water turned over and see about having phone/Internet/cable connected. I think we will go with Time Warner because they offer the best package deal that we have found so far.

Andrew has to go into the office for a bit tomorrow for a meeting, set up his computer and go over the drawings, then I guess we will get ready to head back to LR Friday morning.
Then the real work begins...So much to do, in such a short time. I will be glad when May gets here and we are settled in...

The house has a good size back yard for the dogs, and for the kids.

There is even a little "wooded" area for a little boy to explore.

Although I am more of a shower kind of gal, I think I will enjoy this tub once we make the move. I will enjoy soaking in a warm bubble bath with candles around the tub, listening to my Chris Botti cd's.

In the house we live in now, I am always battling with the light in the closet. Most of the time it doesn't work. I can't see into the very small closet to find my clothes. But in the new house...

I have a window in the closet!!! And it is a walk in closet!

I have a WINDOW in my closet!! How great is that?

All in all, we like the new place. There are some things that I wish were the laundry room, or should I say, laundry closet is just off the eat-in-kitchen area. Andrew is going to see if he can hook them up in the garage just outside the kitchen entrance and we can use the other area off the eat-in-kitchen/breakfast nook for storage, or more pantry area. If not, then it will have to do as the laundry. I was hoping for a larger laundry room, but I guess you can't find everything. And I really wanted a red front door, but this one is --- black? What's with that? It does have the large back yard, a bonus room, plenty of storage, and a WINDOW in my closet...

We went to Cracker Barrel to eat supper tonight and I saw those white wooden rockers they have and thought they would look great on the front porch! Now I just have to talk Andrew into getting a couple. I also have been after him for years to build me some Adirondack chairs, maybe I will get a couple of those for the deck on the back. I'm thinking maybe turquoise or red...

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