Friday, March 13, 2009

What a trip

And it ain't over yet!
Pardon my slang...
We started out sometime around 10:00 or so. Stopped along the way to get the water taken care of and then we were off...

All of us sick in one way or another. My head and ears are so full and my head is so off balance I can hardly stand up straight. Good thing I am not having to drive.

However, Andrew has a head full of sinus and his ears are ringing, so he isn't much better off then I am.

Megan is coughing and her head is stopped up, and Noah is still coughing and has some run to his nasal area.

We are like a traveling circus, or a traveling infirmary. Not only are we feeling unwell, but Noah has been taking Zertec for several days and that coupled with the fact he has been couped up in a hotel room or a vehicle confined to a carseat for what seems an eternity, he is the brim. He needs to run for several days to release the energy he has pent up inside. He has squirmed and squeeled, tried to get out of his carseat, unbuckeled himself, and thrown a fit. We are all so tired, and frustrated with each other. We could hardly take another mile of the trip, so we stopped just out of Atlanta, got a room and are now munching on an aray of Zaxby's food. I am going to shower and put on my pj's and hopefully get a better nights sleep than last night.

Boy this moving thing really is stressful. They say that moving is one of the top life stressers; the last twenty years have taken their toll...

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