Thursday, March 12, 2009

More than I wanted to see...

Well, I got to see a little more of Fayetteville than I wanted to see on this trip.
As most of you have read, I have been sick this whole trip. Well last night my ear started feeling like it was stopping up and full of fluid. During the night I woke up with ear ache and major pressure in my head. I figured I must have a sinus infection. I got up and finally decided to go to the emergency room. I hate to go to doctors or hospitals, and especially hate the ER. But being in a strange place and knowing I probably wouldn't have any luck finding a doctor that would see me today, I decided to go to the ER. It helped that the hospital is literally within walking distance of the hotel we have been staying in. Not that I walked there at 4:00 this morning. I drove myself. Andrew stayed with the kids and I braved the unknown and the sick and afflicted to try to find out what is causing my problem.

After what seemed an eternity, but was actually more like an hour, I was called back...

To another waiting room area...

At least I was there alone, no one around with some strange undiagnosed illness that I could contract...Yes, I am a little phobic about those things.

Finally someone came to get my insurance information and then a Nurse Practitioner came to check on me. I didn't even go into a room, she just checked me in the little waiting room. She asked the usual questions, looked into my ears, nose, throat. Listened to my breathing and then told me I had a viral respiratory infection. Basically the same thing Noah had a few weeks ago. She also found a cyst in my right ear and suggested that was probably why my ear was hurting and I was having pressure on that side of my head. She was stumped. She called a doctor over to look at it and he was stumped also. Not their speciality I suppose. She told me they could do a scan or I could see my ENT when I get back to Little Rock. I chose the latter.

After another 30 minutes or so, the nurse came to me with a prescription for an antibiotic for the possible infection in my ear, and told me to follow up with the ENT.

Back to the hotel, straight to the shower to wash off all the strange sick germs I might have collected while in the waiting rooms.

Now, I sit at the computer, my ear full and hurting and my nose stuffed up. Andrew had a meeting this morning so he left a few minutes ago and will get the antibiotic filled while he is out. The kiddo's are sleeping soundly, unaware of the events of the early morning hours. How nice it is to be a kid.

Now I would love to crawl into bed and sleep...but just as sure as I lay down and get really sleepy, little man will wake up and be ready to go...His energizers have been charging all night and once he wakes up he is non-stop movement...

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