Sunday, November 11, 2007

Sickie Sunday

This morning our house has a few sickies in it. Megan is fighting allergy and had a temp last night. Noah has also had watery nose and sneezing for several days, and Lauren woke up with a sore throat. So I suppose it is no church for us this morning. Andrew had to go into work today to get the schedule for this new project worked out on the scheduling program to show the owners tomorrow. So I am sitting here trying to plan my menu for the week. Last weeks menu changed slightly with the decision to get pizza on Thursday night and the wonderful gift of deer meat from a co-worker. I fixed the most awesome deer roast in the slow cooker. Andrew brought the meat in Thursday evening and I cleaned and cut it and put it in the slow cooker with a large bottle of spicy italian salad dressing. It cooked over night and I added whole new potatoes and large chunked carrots with garlic and pepper with some Tony's. It cooked for 24 hours and was it delicious!!! I served it with cornbread and everyone loved it. So thank God for an almost free meal.

Saturday was a work day and it was a free for all. I fixed Chicken Ceaser Salad and Andrew and I at it. It tasted really good. I use to love italian dressing on my salad, but ceaser has become my new favorite.

I have to work Thursday and Sat this week. And the day after Thanksgiving and Sat next week. Then the following week I work Tuesday and Saturday. I also have three dr's appointments in the middle of it all.

Gotta run for now. I will post again later today.

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