Thursday, November 29, 2007

Putting up the Christmas Tree

When do you put up your Christmas trees? Some people do it the weekend after Thanksgiving, some do it Thanksgiving evening while the family is all gather together. Others wait until closer to Christmas. We have for years, put our tree up the first weekend of December. So we made that our family tradition. Since I am working on Saturday's now, I suppose Andrew will get everything down from the attic on Saturday and we will either put it up Sat night or Sunday between services. Sometimes I really don't like working Saturday's, in fact, most of the time I detest having to work on Saturday' time and all of that...a post for another time. Anyway, we always put up the tree and listen to Elvis Christmas songs while we decorate. This year, our living room is smaller than we have had in the past, so I am trying to decide the best arrangment for the tree.
I have also asked the girls for their Christmas lists...I suppose I need to get started on the shopping thing. I have come up with a few ideas for Noah, and am looking into a few gifts that I will give to others. Noah doesn't play with toys as much as I would like for him to. You know some kids just don't play with toys like others. Lauren was one that didn't really play with her toys that much. She had loads of them, but her favorite things weren't toys. Megan on the other hand, loved toys, dolls, barbies, Polly pockets and all of that. She is still my one child that loves to play. Noah loves to play with things that he sees us using--pots and pans, wooden spoons, telephones, pencils and pens...and other items that he sees us using throughout the day. He will play with his little trucks some, and he loves to read his books. He likes to line things up in a line, like dining chairs or his trucks. So along with the many toy recalls over the last few months, I am having some trouble deciding what to get him. Toys from China are definately off the list, so what does that leave? I want to get him a small guitar, because he is always trying to get Andrew's and Megan's to play. I want to get him an organizer for his room so we can organize the toys he does play with. I would like get him some type of riding toy, because he loves bicycles. Everytime we go through the garage to get to the car, he runs for Megan's bicycle. Anyway, those are a few things I have in mind for Christmas. But nothing is finalized yet, and all things are up for reconsideration as the shopping days become fewer and fewer.

I am still suffering with a sore throat. Whatever it was that I had over the weekend is back. My throat is sore and I am very hoarse. I can hardly talk. I feel tired but no other symptoms other than that. Hopefully I will get over it in a day or two.

Thought for Today
May you have
the gladness of Christmas
which is hope;
The spirit of Christmas
which is peace;
The heart of Christmas
which is love.

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