Wednesday, November 7, 2007

47 Shopping days before Christmas!

Today there are 47 shopping days left before Christmas! Wow! How did that happen? Have I done any shopping? Ask anyone who knows me well, and they can tell you. The answer is NO!! Are you kidding! What fun would it be to be prepared and have it all done early, before the crazy rush! Who doesn't get an inward thrill out of racing around the day before Christmas trying to find something on your child's list, only to discover the only one left has been stepped or chewed on by another child. And who doesn't get a kick out of running short on wrapping paper and tape and having to use the Sunday Comics held in place by the last few staples in the house and some left over yarn from the scarf you made for your Aunt Lucy. really isn't that bad, but I am a last minute kind of girl. I use to go shopping the day after Thanksgiving, but I just never got into the thrill of getting up at 2:00 am and standing in line for 4 hours with 300 other people all trying to get the ONE Game Boy the store advertised for $5.00 in order to get people into the store. I would rather pay twice what something is worth than to go through all of that!

The last time I shopped the day after Thanksgiving for Christmas was in 2004, when we lived on Padre Island. Lauren and I got up before daylight and hit the stores. I ended up buying things we really didn't need. I spent more money than I normally would have spent, and still didn't get much Christmas shopping done. So I swore off those crazy shopping days when everyone is out looking for a bargain. Except for Christmas Eve, and I'm not out looking for bargains, I am just out trying to get the necessary items that I have put off getting up until then. I have to have a little excitement in my life!

Besides, this year, I have to work the day after Thanksgiving. So while all you bargain hunters are out there stalking some great sale, I will be putting more sale papers and catalog's that promise great savings, into your mailboxes to tease you with the allure of something great!
Happy Shopping---47 Shopping days left until Christmas! But don't let that stress you, there is always the day after Christmas Sale!

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