Sunday, November 25, 2007

Home Again...jiggedy-jig...

Well we made it back home from Tennessee Thursday evening and I worked Friday and Saturday. Thank goodness, Andrew has been in the cleaning mood! He has cleaned the house, washed the dishes and done the laundry everyday!!!! I told him that he needed to take vacation more often, so he can do a few things around the house!!

Work was horrible on Friday. More mail than anyone can ever imagine. I didn't get home until around 6:00 or so. Saturday I went in earlier and got back to the post office around 3:30, but stayed until after 5:30 putting up things for the regular carrier on Monday. I have to work again on Tuesday and I know it will be bad again. It was cold both days I worked. It was damp yesterday and I woke up during the early morning with a sore throat and not feeling good. I feel like something is swollen in the back of my throat and when I swallow, it feel like a knife slitting my throat open. So I didn't go to church this morning. It is raining and 43 degrees right now, so I want to stay warm a cozy and nurse this sore throat so I won't get sicker.

Andrew's dad is staying in a rehab/nursing home facility in Tennessee and we got to visit with him some while there. He was able to come to Andrew's sisters house for Thanksgiving, but I could tell that he was worn down and not doing well. He is walking with the help of a walker, and seems weak to me. He has put on some weight, but I think it is due to the steriods they are giving him. He is getting ready to start a chemo pill soon and I have a feeling it will be very hard on him. I wish we could be closer to spend more time with him. I know when my grandma got down, I wanted to be near her and let the kids be with her as much as we could, which wasn't enough. Because when the end comes, it is to late then. If you are going to do something for someone, or want to build memories to carry with you, you must do it while you can. No matter how much you do for someone, or spend time with them, when they are gone, you always have regrets. I wanted Andrew to be able to spend time with him and talk to him while he is able to understand and communicate. I told him that he needs to talk to him and if there is anything that he wanted to ask or say, he needs to do it now. Sometimes people spend the rest of their lives with regrets because they didn't say or ask things they wanted to. I have lost several people in the last few years that were very dear to me, and you always regret something. So if you are blessed with time and know that time is short, use it wisely, for you shall never pass this way again...

Well hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving holiday. And we are all looking forward to Christmas season. I think we are going to try to put the tree up next weekend. We need to figure out where it is going to go. When we bought the tree;which I might add, is rather large: we lived in a larger house. But now, well, space is limited and we may need to downsize our tree. We will see when the time comes.

Well, I am trying to work on MPM and maybe will have it posted tomorrow. For now, I am going to leave you with this:::
Thought for Today

Sydney J. Harris:
Regret for the things we did can be tempered by time; it is regret for the things we did not do that is inconsolable.

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