Thursday, November 1, 2007

Thursday's news

Okay, so Lauren just left for her weekend to St Louis, and Megan and Noah and I are feeling a little lonely. Or at least I am feel a little lonely. I watched her drive out of the driveway and thought of myself at her age and well, we don't want to think about that, so I quickly made myself busy doing something else. So anyway, we are getting ready to run to the library. I have some books that are due and for lack of something better to do today, we will spend a little time there.

When Andrew gets off we are taking Megan and Noah to The Purple Cow to eat supper then maybe a trip to Barnes and Noble bookstore. Just a little outing in an otherwise boring weekday.

I start back to work on Saturday. I'm not liking it very much, but thank God for the job! Thats all I have to say about that !

I am getting ready to get another perm in my hair. I haven't had one in almost two years. I did get a root perm for just the top portion of my hair earlier this year, but it is gone! My hair really does hold a perm well, except for the top, because it is so long and the weight of it pulls it out. I miss just washing, gel-ling and going. I like the bohemian look. Lauren calls me a hippie, because of the way I wear my hair long and down. And I suppose there is some hippie still in there somewhere, but usually when women get to a certain age; I won't mention what age that is; surely older than I am...they usually start wearing their hair up if it is long. I do wear it up, to church and other places, mostly since I had Noah, because it is easier when pulling and tugging on a little one not to have hair hanging down in the middle of it all, however, I want to get a perm so I can start wearing it down again. So, I usually go back to Louisiana to a lady that I trust there to do it. Did I mention that I don't let just anyone perm my hair? Anyway, there are three women in this world that I would trust with my hair and two are in Louisiana; one in DeQuincy and the other in Walker, near Baton Rouge. The third is in Kentucky. Why you ask do I not trust many with my perming? Well I don't cut my hair. I don't even trim the hair, so you can see where perming could be harsh on your ends. And that is where these special people come in. They know just how to work magic to make sure the ends don't burn or split. I get a perm about once every year, year and a half. I have gone almost two this time with the interjection of a root perm. And I am very careful not to do anything that would damage my hair. I air dry, most of the time, condition, condition, condition... Anyway, I got a recommendation for a lady here in Arkansas and I have been trying to get a hold of her today, but no luck. Hopefully I can get it done before Thanksgiving. This will save me a trip to Louisiana that I can't make right now. So hopefully this lady will work out.

Well, hubby called and he is actually off early and on his way home!!!YEA!!!! So I need to get off and get ready for our family night out.

Just an update. The nose is doing well. I bumped it the other day, trying to kill a misquito on Noah; don't ask; anyway, it hurt for a little while and I fretted for a while worried that I had damaged something, but it appears to look the same and works as well. So I suppose it is okay. I still plan to post photo's when Lauren returns. I should have had her take them with my camera instead of hers.

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Dana said...

I definitely empathize with babies and long hair. I gave up on long hair due to them!


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