Thursday, November 15, 2007

Happy Birthday to ME!!!

Yes, I can't believe it, I am 41 years old today! Turning 40 was hard, but not near as hard as anticipating turning 41. Because suddenly you realize it doesn't stop at 40, but you keep getting OLDER...Then you start thinking the next big one is...dare I say...50! No offense to those of you who are already 50 or older, but if you remember back to 41, and how you felt about turning 50... well that is where I am now. I know when I get there, it won't be as bad, at least I hope it isn't.

I had to work today, and I must say that the Christmas mail has begun! It was horrible! Catalogs and sale papers from everywhere, selling everything imaginable. I can't believe that anyone could possibly need so much mail! I was an hour and 45 minutes later leaving the Post Office than on normal days due to the high volume of mail. And the bad thing is it only gets worse before Christmas! To make matters worse, it now gets dark so much earlier and it is almost dark getting back to the Post Office. I could go into the long speech about the horrors of consumerism and how we are destroying our society with our insatiable appetite for so much. And how we work so hard to pay for all this stuff that we never have time to enjoy, and how we are slaves to our stuff...but I won't bore you with my soap box today, I will save the planet another day.

When I got home Andrew and the kids had me a wonderful meal of crab legs, shrimp and sausage with mushrooms all boiled in crab boil seasoning. And then some wonderfully, sinful chocolate cake and some sparkling grape cider. That we drank from champagne glasses and toasted to ME!! Even little man got into the action he drank from a glass champagne glass just like the rest of us, without breaking it!
Then they gave me some wonderful gifts of cologne; (Red Door, my old standard), money; which is always a great gift, and my 18 year old got me, well, some unmentionables; which I desperately needed. And they gave me great cards with lots of love enclosed! All in all, a great birthday! Even if I did have to work. But coming home to my loving family, was worth the long, hard day!

Well, my daughter; the 18 year old one, the one that is becoming an adult before my very eyes; opened her own checking account today! All by herself. She has been wanting to for a while and today she finally did. I have to say am very proud of the young woman she has become. I am proud to say that I am her mom. Even though, I still have to stay on her about her room! Which right now it is a big mess.

Well, time for bed. I have photo's I want to post, but we are having computer issues and I can't get them to download right now. I am trying to correct the problem and will post photo's ASAP.
Thought for Today
forty is the old age of youth; fifty is the youth of old age. - French Proverb

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Anonymous said...

40'S BETTER THAN 51!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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