Sunday, May 31, 2009

Shout out for Curves!!

I am loving Curves! I joined Wednesday and I have been every day since, except today, because of course, today is Sunday and they aren't open. I am feeling a little burn in my muscles, but not to much that I can't continue to do the exercise. It is amazing how just a little effort makes so much difference. No there isn't a visible difference in my weight or my body, but there is a mental difference. I feel much better about things; about my weight and how I look. Just making the effort to start is the hardest part, but there is such a big payoff in just my attitude and the way I feel about so many things now.

I know that exercise is such a mood lifter. I can remember when I use to walk a lot. I would get so pumped up and feel so good after a long walk. Exercise is the best cure for mild depression there is. It just gets you feeling good and gives you an attitude adjustment!

So I highly recommend Curves if you are near one, and can join. It works great for me, because I am much more motivated to go up the street a couple of miles to exercise for thirty minutes, than I am to get outside and walk in the heat or go into the garage and get on my exercise equipment. Hopefully after going to Curves for a while, I will find the motivation to do those things too.

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