Thursday, May 14, 2009

Making a House a Home...

I finally have living room furniture again! They delivered it this evening. I was so glad I decided on this set after I saw it in the house.

Saturday evening I wanted to get out of the house a little bit; alone. So I drove into town and went to a furniture store we had gone to a couple weeks back. I didn't find anything I really liked so I decided to go to Barnes and Noble and look around. As I was driving there, I passed a big furniture store and they just happened to be having a sale.

I whipped the car into the parking lot filled with other prospective furniture buyers and walked in, not knowing what to expect.

I was pleasantly surprised when I saw some of the sale prices. I found a couple of sets that I thought I would like and started comparing them. There was one, a leather set, that I loved, it looked awesome! But after sitting around on it, putting my legs up under me, and laying around on it; (yes, I actually did that in the store!), I decided that it looked great, but was not comfortable a bit. We need something that is comfortable so we can lounge around on it. We're big lounging around kind of people.

I called Andrew, thinking he could drive over there and look with me. When a salesman came by for like the tenth time and asked if I need help, I asked what time they closed.

They closed at 6:00! It was 5:30! Only thirty more minutes and the sale would end!

Talk about pressure. I hated to make a decision like that on the spur of the moment, alone at that. What if no one else in the family liked it? What if I got it home and it looked hideous? I just didn't trust myself in that situation... I really had only planned to look, I wasn't prepared to buy. But how could I pass up this deal?

I was tired of not having living room I did it.

All week I worried whether I had made the right decision. By the time the delivery truck arrived today, I had forgotten what the set even looked like. I just bought the sofa and love seat. I didn't like the coffee table they had with it, and didn't have time to look around for more before they closed. We will buy those later.

I was actually pleased with it once they put it into the living room. I think I got a good deal on them, and that makes them even better.

Now I have to get drapes for the windows and a coffee table. Even without those things, it actually looks like an inviting living space.

They aren't in their final resting places, but for now until I have time to move things around and try different arrangements, this is where they will be. And yes, the fire place has papers in it. It is a gas fire place and has never been hooked up or turned on. I hope this winter we can put a gas tank out there and use it some.

Speaking of something warm and comforting:

How about a soothing bowl of Lentil Soup?

Yum! I love all things soup! This is a great recipe. Quick and easy with only a few ingredients.

Add a little cornbread to it and it is a great, filling supper.

For dessert, how about a slice of just out of the oven,

Banana Walnut Bread. Yummy!

Yes, I know there is this whole needing to diet and lose weight thing, but I had some banana's that were going bad and I needed to do something with them so they wouldn't be wasted. I happened to have a bag of walnuts and bam, Banana Walnut Bread!

I was pulling it out of the oven when they came to deliver the furniture, so I sent some home with the two nice gentlemen. They both commented about how good the house smelled, so I couldn't not offer them any. Besides, I don't need to eat the whole loaf! I plan to send some to work with Andrew...

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