Saturday, May 2, 2009

Antique Fair

Just a quick post and a photo of today's events. I actually did go to the Antiques Fair in Cameron. It was something. Wow! Not enough time or money, but we had a great time. Noah did get tired and fussy, so we cut the day short.

Saw some great things, and got some wonderful ideas. If I can just remember them all.

Here is a photo of Noah holding one of our great finds today. It is a metal star that was made by the Amish in Pennsylvania. I am going to hang it on the porch.

I actually forgot I had my camera with me until just before we started to leave. These are just some quick shots of what was nearby when we started to leave. By this time, Noah was trying to climb out of the stroller. I was hot, sweaty, and dirty from walking through dirt and sandy areas. I just snapped a couple quick shots to have something to put on the blog.

This was so amazing. It is bamboo! It was like a forest of bamboo. It was big around and tall as the pine trees nearby. I have never seen bamboo this big in my life. We had some growing behind our house in Little Rock, but nothing like this. It was awesome. The photo really doesn't do it justice.

I found a few more items but I will save those for later. I am working on how to put it all together to make the front porch of my dreams, or at least something that will be inviting and cozy.

They have another Antiques Fair there the first Saturday in October. You better believe I will be there again. Hopefully then the weather will be cooler and this time, I am going prepared! I have already told Andrew to get ready, he will be babysitting that day, so I can go and really take it all in. It was hard pushing that stroller around all the booths and into the stores that were set up. But come October, I'm gonna get serious!!!

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Anonymous said...

Hey, my yahoo won't come up this morning but we're going to Mama's this am and I now have my lap top there with an internet connection. I hope I can get to yahoo there. Have a great day and pray for us traveling and Mama as she seems weaker every day.


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