Tuesday, May 19, 2009

On Books

I just read The Prince of Frogtown by Rick Bragg. It was a great read. But before you read this one, I suggest that you first read his other two books about his family: It's All Over But The Shoutin', and Ava's Man.

They are stories about his Mom and her family and about his life growing up in poor rural Alabama. The Prince of Frogtown is about his father who was absent most of his growing up and a drunk.

The stories are humorous and sad. You will laugh and you will cry. At least I did. I have known people like he tells of my whole life. My family wasn't like this, but I knew of families that lived exactly like he talks about. I found so much humor in his stories, but I also felt the tragedy of those lives as well.

I am trying to find his book, Redbirds memories from the South. The local library doesn't have it, so I suppose I may have to buy it.

I highly recommend these great books. Hope you enjoy them...

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