Saturday, April 18, 2009

Zyrtec kind of day...

Another beautiful day in Carolina. The sun is shining brightly, the air is crisp with a hint of cool, and I am sneezing, again...
Well I suppose you can't have it all can you?

I am still trying to unpack, only not quite so obsessively as I was at the beginning. I have the necessities unpacked, I suppose the rest could just go away, un-missed. All except for my iron. I haven't found it yet. Who knows what box I will find it hiding. For now, the steam option on my dryer is getting a workout. It doesn't quite look as neat as ironing, but who cares. By the time you sit down in the car and drive to where your going, there will be some wrinkling anyway, so why worry yourself so much about getting it perfect looking in the beginning. Your family is the only one who actually sees you that way. Of course I don't have a flair for ironing anyway. I always struggled with ironing more wrinkles into the clothes than I got out. Anyone else like that or am I the only one with an ironing issue?

Anyway, other than the iron, if I haven't unpacked it so far, apparently it isn't something I really need...Maybe things I would like to have and know where they are, just in case...

You know how us hoarders are...just in case there is a shortage of some sort on yarn or loose leaf paper, well, I have plenty to see us through. I don't go as far as my grandma did; hiding packs of paper under her mattress...but you must remember she lived through the Great Depression. So she had a right to be a little hoard-ish, if that is a word. Which by the way, spell check didn't recognize as a word...

Andrew is building me some shelves for the bonus room so I can finally unpack all of my books. It has been ages since I have seen them all in one place at one time. I probably have books that I have forgotten I had.

One book for sure that I want to find is the one I try to read every spring since I discovered it.

From The Ground UP
the Story of a First Garden

by Amy Stewart

If your like me and love a garden, you will enjoy this book. So as soon as I unpack it I will start reading it again. The only problem is that when I read it, I want to start digging and planting, but I think probably the only gardening I will do this year is putting some flowers into the planters on the front porch. Maybe some hanging pots, but definitely no veggies this year. Last year I spent quite a bit of money trying to do some container gardening, but the harvest was very slim...We had no bees. I never saw a single bee in the yard, I just think it was a bad place to try to grow veggies. This year, I will leave the veggie gardening to others and visit the farmers market and support those small farmers who are still trying to hold on to family farming as a life style.
Oh here I go again babbling away again about nothing important.

Well, I am off to enjoy the day, just as soon as I load up on Zyrtec.

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