Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Fond Food Memories

Today we ventured out into town to see what was happening there. We were going to go to a flea market, but got side tracked at the mall. Did I ever mention how much I despise the mall? Any mall, they are all the same, and I hate them...

By the time we got out of there the kids were tired and cranky.., or was that me? Anyway, we headed on home.

I am cooking supper. On the menu tonight is: (if anyone is interested)

Chipotle Pepper Chicken breast

Scalloped potatoes

Whole baby carrots

But after browsing around the web, and one of my favorite food sites,

I wish I was having this:

I am originally from Louisiana and this is one thing I really miss about living there. Some things not so much, like the hot humid weather, and the mosquitoes...I am sure given a little time, I could come up with a few more things...

But one really great thing about living in Louisiana...Crawfish...yes, they are ugly creatures, and if you have never tasted them, you are missing out on an incredible taste delight...Ask any true Louisianan. Nothing better than sitting around outside, swatting mosquitoes and pinchin' tails and sucking on those crawfish heads. Enjoying the spicy potatoes and corn, with the juices running down your arm, mmm...good stuff!

And when you finish you are full, happy, and if they are cooked right, you fingers are burning from the seasoning soaking into your skin...Well that is just my experience anyway.

With that image and my mouth watering, I will go check on my meal that is cooking in the oven. Not quite the delight of boiled crawfish, but I suppose it will have to do. Maybe this weekend we will get some crab and shrimp and have a boil out back on the deck and invite a few people over. Not exactly the crawfish boil of my memories, but I am sure that I can "suffer" through it...

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