Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Southern Living

Have you seen this cover on the new Southern Living? How gorgeous is this? I LOVE hydrangeas! These are beautiful! I would love to have several big beautiful bushes full of these blooms in my yard. In fact, I think I will go to Lowe's and buy a couple of them to plant at the end of my porch. Wow! These flowers combined with the rough, rustic look of the boxes is devine. Like eye candy.
If you don't already have a subscription to Southern Living, click on the photo and get yourself a monthly subscription. There's nothing like reading about all things southern. Besides, the photo's are awesome. This would be a great idea for a Mothers Day gift for your mom or someone special. The deal is great, two subscriptions for only $16! That is terrific. Rush on over there right now and get a great deal. I just did.

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