Thursday, January 17, 2008


I just returned from taking Lauren to meet her ride to the airport. She is flying out to Utah today. She is a nanny for a family that is going to the Sundance Film Festival and they asked her to go with them to help with the little one. She will be gone until next Tuesday. I will certainly miss her and worry for sure. This is the first time she has ever flown and she will be flying on a private plane, so that means small plane, and that means bigger worry for Mom! Oh well, I prayed and put her into God's hands and I know He is able to keep her, even when she is away from Mom! At some point I have to learn to let go and let God...She is 18 and she is an adult. I know her well enough to know that this is just the beginning of her adventures. I do want her to enjoy her life and not be afraid to follow her dreams and explore the world and God's purpose for her life. But I am still her mommy, and I sometimes want my little girl back. But she has become a beautiful young lady that I am very proud to call my daughter.

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