Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Organize '08

I am starting off the new year with some ideas about organizing and downsizing my life. The first one starts with my photo's. I have photo's everywhere. Not only that, I have undeveloped film from years past that need developing. I use to have a 35 mm SLR. I loved taking the photo, but was terrible about developing them. So this year, I am getting them all developed and getting them organized.

Yesterday I made a trip to Hobby Lobby just to look around and I ran across this bargin.

They are photo & video storage boxes. They were regularly $3.99, but were on for half price yesterday. They had several cute designs, but I like these best. I think they would look really nice on a shelf with other items neatly placed beside them. I am thinking of a celtic cross, a rustic skeleton key statue, and a couple of vintage photo's that I have. So with such cute storage boxes, who wouldn't want to get started organizing right away?

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