Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Making Butter...

Well, after weeks of talking about doing it, we finally took the plunge and made butter. It was awesome. Megan and I started out with a mason jar of heavy whipping cream and began shaking it. Shake, shake, shake...

After a while it started getting thicker and a blob started to appear. There was a seperation of the buttermilk and the butter. We added some salt and after shaking, shaking and shaking, we divided it up into two mason jars so she could do some and I could do some. We had fun in the process. After pouring off the buttermilk and shaking some more, we then washed the butter in a cold water bath to get all of the buttermilk out. We wrapped it in plastic wrap and molded it, put it in the fridge to harden. I took some of the butter and added honey and mixed to make, "honey butter" and it was delicious!!! The whole family enjoyed toast with homemade butter and honey butter as a snack before bed time. I used the butter on hubby's breakfast toast this morning. We were all impressed with the results and will do it again.

Everyone should try it. It is a great project and taste good too! Next we are making grape jelly to go on the buttered toast!

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