Thursday, January 24, 2008

Seeking--The Simple Path...

I found this awesome book! Choosing Simplicity by Linda Breen Pierce. I have just started reading it, but love it so far. It shares the stories of people who have chosen to change the course of their lives to seek a new path that lead to more happiness and fulfillment. If you are unhappy with the course of your life or would like to make changes toward simplicity and away from what the world says is a sucessful life, I suggest you read this book. I have found the writing to be delightful and the stories encouraging.

Perhaps, it just reflects the feeling I have about the direction I would like our lives to take; toward a more slower-paced, simplier life. A life that offers more than just material possessions and the need for more, more, more.

I have often stated that I believe that I was born to late. I would much prefer to have lived in a time where the pace of life was slower, and there were less distractions to pull people away from home, family and community.

We live in a world without connections; connections to our families, who are strawn across several time zones, a connection to community; many of us don't even know our neighbors name. We have lost connections to ourselves; we live on work, school or the world's schedule, with no time to pursue anything of that feeds the mind and soul. Many of us are walking zombies, like mice on a wheel, running fast and getting nowhere!

How many times have I heard people say, "I just don't have time anymore." or "Where has the time gone?" We are so programmed to follow societies definition of success, that we just hop on and put our hearts in neutral and go through the motions of living.

Is anyone else tired of living this way? I know there are many of you that are off that track and are happy and fulfilled to be there. But for many of us, we are seeking the exit door, seeking a way to escape the rat race. But we are yet to find it. So for those of you like myself, trying to make changes in the direction of your heart, this book can offer some ideas and suggestions of how others have succeeded.

How do you measure success? What truly makes you happy and fulfilled? I think we should all be asking ourselves those questions, and diligently be seeking the answers. We should not rely on someone elses definition, but create our own...

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