Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Food Pyramid

In my attempts to get healthier and loss weight, I have been rethinking the way we eat and what we consider a meal. And I have to say we are off the pyramid. The food pyramid that is...
I went here to print out a copy of my pryamid. The way I should be eating for a healthier me. Then I printed off one for each of my family members. I am going to study them and along with the information in this great book I am reading, "SuperFoods Rx",
I am going to come up with some meal plans to follow our pyramid as closely as possible. Of course, taking into consideration that my
kids aren't keen on the idea yet, I may have to make gradual changes with them. This is a neat website and it offers a plethora of information about healthy eating, as does SuperFoods Rx.
So if your New Years resolutions is to get healthy, check out both of these sites to get you started.

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