Wednesday, February 18, 2009

My latest ebay finds

If I haven't mentioned it here before, I love kitchen stuff. I call it stuff, because it really isn't anything that would be necessary to own. It just makes kitchen duties more enjoyable. I suppose you could say, I am a collector of sorts.

Yes, I know I talk about downsizing and getting rid of unnecessary things, and I am doing that. However, some things are just fun and are done for enjoyment. I don't spend money on recreational hobbies; no gym memberships, not a lot of eating out, no going to movies, or other things along that line, so I have to have a hobby. Well I have several, but not all at once. But I digress...

One hobby I have is going to flea markets and antique stores. I could spend hours browsing around. I just do a lot of looking, and occasional buying when it is the right item at the right price. But mostly I talk myself out of buying because of lack of room, and the frivolity of the item...I have my lists of reason, so I usually find one or two to use on such cases.

Recently I have become fascinated by Fire King items. I especially like the color Jadite. So I was browsing ebay and ran across a few items that I placed a bid on. These are the ones I won.

These are from Fire King Jane Ray collection. They are jadite in color.

These three bowls are FireKing also but they are turquoise in color. The smaller two are vegetable bowls and the larger one is a splash proof mixing bowl.

Here are my nesting bowls. They are new and never used.

I love the colors.

Andrew came home one evening and saw me looking at FireKing on ebay and while out running errands that evening he came home with these. He is such a wonderful, thougthful man!

Thanks honey, these are an invaluable tool for me so I can recognize a bargain when I run across one!

I still haven't talked myself into buying this, but maybe eventually I will...

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