Thursday, February 5, 2009

But I don't want to be pirate...

My husband is telling me that I am going to have to buy a new vehicle...

But I don't want to get a new vehicle!

Normally, in my previous life, I would have raced out immediately looking for a new ride. But that was the old me, the before I simplified my life, me. Before I opened my eyes to the reality of the myth of the "American dream", me. That me, was racing through my life, trying to accumulate stuff, because we all know that the more stuff you have the happier you are, Right?

That was the me that just thought that car notes were something to be expected, the me that sought part of my identity through my possessions. Shallow you say, yes, I suppose I was shallow, along with millions of other Americans... But I am shallow no more! I have seen the light, opened my eyes, and realized there is a whole world of peace and joy and happiness without all of the---stuff. This is the me that could care less what the Jones' do, who are these Jones' people anyway? And why did I want to keep up with them???

Anyway, this me, the me that discovered the ***key to real happiness, and peace in my natural life, is fighting the prospect of buying a new vehicle. I happen to love "old Blue". She has been a great vehicle. And the best part about her is she is paid in full. For a year now we have been car note free...all four of our vehicles are debt free. I just don't want to think of throwing away good money on a vehicle, when I have a perfectly good one now that belongs to me... and no car note. Why would I want to give away a three hundred or so dollars a month just to drive a vehicle. Never mind the money for insurance and gas...When "old Blue" runs just fine and gets me where I need to go...and I don't have to pay someone to drive it...I did that already and now she is mine...debt free...

I do admit that Old Blue is a bit aged, she is a 1998 model. That makes her over ten years old. And she has over 100,000 miles on her...(which isn't much considering her age). If it weren't for the fact we were moving 900 miles away from my oldest child, I would never consider buying a new one. However, I know that old Blue won't make to many trips back and forth without trouble. Hard highway driving wouldn't be good for her. I will need to have a vehicle that I can depend on to travel many highway miles, because most of the time it will only be Megan, Noah and myself on the highways alone. Andrew will be working and unable to make many trips back and forth. Due to this reason, and this reason alone, I am consenting to look for a new vehicle. However, we have agreed to sell Blue and the jeep and put everything we get for them toward the purchase of the new one, so we can knock down some of the debt off the top.

Now I have to do some research and decide what kind of vehicle I want. My tendency is toward Ford's, I have always had good luck with a Ford. I have owned a Mustang, an Expedition, and two Explorers, along with a couple of Ford trucks, and a Ford Mini-Van. Never a problem with any of them. They were all great vehicles. I know I want an SUV, I need the space, and I don't really want a mini-van, but I don't want a gas guzzler either. Yes, the car I really want is a Harvest Moon Beige convertible Beetle, but, I don't think that would work well with two kiddo's and traveling, so I will forgo the Beetle for now.

But isn't it so cute? I can see me in that. It would get great gas mileage!

If you know anyone looking for a great older Ford Explorer that would be great for running around town and will probably last another 100,000 miles with a little care, send them my way, I'll give 'em a good deal.

***The key to real happiness and peace in my natural life is living a more simplified life and enjoying what I have. I hate to use catchy phrases that so often or over used in our society. However, I have adopted one that I hear a lot lately.

Use it up, wear it out, or do without!

I kind of like that concept. I read an article recently that said,

Live with what you love, and get rid of the rest!
I think that will be my mantra while I am getting ready for this move. If I don't love it, it goes...
mmm...someone have a dump truck I could borrow to haul off this stuff?

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