Friday, April 4, 2008

Thank God we are safe

Well, the Lord kept us last night when a tornado passed through the area. Lauren was at choir practice and Andrew, Noah and I were at home when the emergency alarms started going off. We turned the local weather on and they were saying that a tornado was on 1-30 in Benton heading toward us. We were in the path. I started to panic, called Lauren and couldn't get her. I immediately called Megan at my mom's. They were visiting with my dad's sister at the time and I told them to immediately start praying for us. I threw some pillows and blanket into the tub and we waited. It was minutes away...the news announcer was calling the names of streets just near us, for those people to take cover. We prayed. I got Lauren and she and a friend were on their way to her friends house in North Little Rock. I told her to get there and get into a hallway or something and stay put. And to stay in touch with me by cell phone...And to pray...
Noah was so hyper, he picked up on my stress and panic and he was going nuts. We listened...
Our electricity blinked once and then like that it was over.
Andrew tried to call the security guard at his job site to check on him, because it was right in the path of where the tornado was suppose to have been traveling before it got to us. He couldn't get him. So when things settled down here we all got into his truck and drove to the site. On the way, just a block down the street there was an overturned car in a parking lot, and emergency vehicles in the road. We got to the site and all was well. We saw no damage anywhere other than the car overturned. On the way back we took the other way back to our house and came down the street in front of a grocery store just two blocks from the house. The subdivision across from the store was hit. Trees uprooted and some snapped off mid way. Debris was everywhere in the road. Houses with trees down, lights out everywhere. The roadway was full of lawn chairs and other debris with things hanging from the power lines. Some of the damage was within a block of our house. You could see the path that it took. One street over, no power, all that damage, and for us, all we got was lots of water. Our garage flooded and the sun room flooded. The yard looks like a swamp. But that is all!!! So I thank God that he moved it over one block from our house. I truly believe the prayer is what did it! I called Megan back and told her that their prayers had moved the tornado over one block and God spared us!!!
The great news is that noone in this area was killed and only a few minor injuries. All that was damaged were things! Things can be replaced, people can't.

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