Friday, April 25, 2008

Photo's from the Shreveport trip

The trip to Shreveport was very nice. I called it my mini-vacation. For those of you who don't know, I need something new and different interjected in my otherwise dull existence. I have to have little "adventures" to keep things interesting or I get stagnated. Even driving through a neighborhood that I rarely go through, looking at the views on a different route are little ways I interject newness into my week. Eye candy is what I call it! I have to have that or I feel like a rat on a wheel and get very bogged down!!! I loose my creative spark. I have to have energize me. I am just weird that way...anyway...

This was a shot of the Boardwalk. It looks like you are walking down a city street with shops along each side. But the street is only for the trolley, not cars. It is very neat!

This is Noah as we were getting ready to leave. He is peeping around the light pole at Megan.

This is what we did while there...

Megan and Noah posing on the boardwalk.

The trolley was a great way to get around after you got tired of walking. Noah loved the trolley. Of course, he is really into trains right now and we said the trolley was like Thomas.

The carousel is also great fun for the little

Megan rode with him. I know she still loves to ride the carousel. She loves horses of any kind!

Megan posing in front of the flowers that made the area seem so spring-"y".

Noah with his "first fishing cap" he got at Bass Pro.

This is the Texas street bridge that runs over the Boardwalk area. This is the back side of the Boardwalk that faces the Red River. This is where the restaurants are facing. Btw...I was married on the Red River, only it was in Alexandria, Louisiana, a few miles to the south of Shreveport. We were married on a stern wheel paddle boat. It belonged to a friend. Her husband had rebuilt it. So I am partial to the Red River!

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