Monday, June 29, 2009

Rodanthe, North Carolina

For those of you who are fans of Nicholas Sparks, you may recognize this house as the house that was used in the movie, Nights in Rodanthe. It was more dressed up with nice shutters and such for the movie, but it is still recognizable as the Inn where Richard Gere stayed in the movie.

As we were driving down the Outer Banks toward Ocracoke, we passed the house. It was empty and there were other people milling around taking photos and others that were walking along the beach enjoying the water. It is a very nice location and the sand and surf were nice also. It can be rented if your interested, however, I am sure it is a bit price-y.

I read somewhere that it was about $5400.00 a week in the peak season. But in 2008, it was hit by a storm and sustained damage which was evident in some of the photo's I took. So I am not sure that it is still available as a rental.

Let the record state; I am NOT a Richard Gere fan. I am however a fan of Nicholas Sparks, I have read all of his books, except for the last one, The Lucky One, which came out last year. I actually didn't realize that he had a new one out. Today I read about this one and a new one coming out in September called The Last Song. Looks like I have some reading to do...

Since this post, the house has been moved to a new location. You can read and watch it here.

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