Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Random Tuesday

Well it is Tuesday again already. Where does the time go? Can you believe it is almost the middle of January? I can't believe it...

There isn't a lot going on yet today, so I just thought I would be random with this post.

I started working on a quilt top the first of January and just now got around to piecing it together. I ran short on one type of fabric, so I have to run to Hobby Lobby to get a little more of it to finish the quilt top.

I have always loved the art of quilting. I have worked on a few through the years. I made each of the kids a quilt/comforter. I was working on one for my brother when he was killed. I never really finished it. I have it put up to one day maybe...

Again, for my grandma's 90th birthday I started working on a memory quilt to give her. It featured a photo of her and her husband(my grandpa: I refer to him as her husband because he died in 1944, so I never knew him, in fact, my mother was born 3 months after his death.) Anyway, then in the squares around it were going to be photo's of my mom and her sister and their families. I had all of the squares sewn together, and some of the photo's copied and ironed onto the fabric then my computer crashed, or my printer died...then we moved, then my sewing machine needed work...after a while we moved again...and like life, time got by, the quilt was not really forgotten, just out of sight and out of mind...then we moved again, and again...then my grandma got sick and passed away...

A few months ago when we were cleaning out one of the storage units we rent, and downsizing, I found a tote with fabric and craft things...inside was the quilt top...

Again, another half made quilt for someone that had passed...I put the quilt top back into the tote and decided to save it for another time, another time when the emotions weren't quite so raw. Another time when I can take it out and work on it without the regrets being so strong. I wanted so much to finish that quilt to give to Maw Maw, but it wasn't to be, I just don't think I can work on it yet. In time, in time I will...

But back to today...here is a photo of what I am attempting now...it isn't for anyone,(I am almost afraid to make a quilt for anyone after the past experiences!LOL!), just to have around the house, in a basket to use as a throw in the living room.
One day recently during a cold Sunday afternoon, I wasn't feeling well and I wanted to lie down on the couch and take a catnap. I went into the hallway to the linen closet and pulled out an old quilt that Andrew's granny had made. We haven't used it in years, because we all have queen and king beds and it is a full size quilt. So the quilt had been stored up and we also found it while cleaning out the storage shed. Now everyone fights over it, even Noah. Anyway, I wrapped up in that quilt that was aged with the years and use, and thought how comforting it was to have the weight of it on me. I catnapped all afternoon, which is unusual for me, I am not a daytime sleeper, and felt so comfortable and secure. So I begin reading about quilting again, and about quilts. I decided then and there, I would start quilting and make several to hand down to my kids and grandkids. So one day, if the world is still standing, many years from now, when I am dead a gone, one of my grandkids or great grandkids will find comfort and warmth in a quilt, worn with age and use, and know that their grandmother; me; made that quilt, and that will make them feel even more warmed and comforted...

Back to the quilt top. I got a magazine recently called Quilts and More by Better Homes and Garden on the cover was this quilt:

I couldn't find the exact fabrics, but I loved those turquoise and browns together. So that was the inspiration for the fabrics I chose. I want to go to Hancocks to see if they have some that are more similar to the photo. That will be for my second quilt. For now, I have to complete this one, just to prove to myself that I can. I have a few more rows of squares to add then comes the quilting...that is what takes the longest. I would love to start a quilting bee...yes, in the crazy world we live in today, that seems impossible. But I remember when I was a young girl, a neighbor had a quilting frame that hung from her ceiling and it could be raised back up when not in use. The ladies would get together and work on quilts. Wow! Wouldn't that be great. I wish I knew a circle of women locally that would be interested in reviving those lost arts. But for now, I will work on machine quilting to make a few things to pass to my children...

Speaking of children. Here is a cute photo of Noah getting ready for Sunday School a couple of weeks ago.

I will close with a couple of quilting quotes

Blessed are the children of the piecemakers for they shall inherit the quilts!

Good friends are like Quilts. They age with you, yet never lose their warmth

Our lives are like quilts - bits and pieces, joy and sorrow, stitched with love

Quilters touch the past and the future

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cd said...

Kendal's grandmother on his Mom's side of the family has asked for Momma's housecoats so that she can piece together a special quilt for him. I thought that was a neat idea.


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