Thursday, May 15, 2008

City Homesteading

As some of you know, I am a country girl stuck in the city for the time being. So while I am here, I have decided to do the best I can to have a small city homestead. I don't have a lot of experience growing herbs but have always wanted to have an herb garden. Here is a small bed I turned into my herb garden.

This is my container garden, or part of it anyway. I was blessed by my landlord with the 5 gallon pots. He owns a landscaping business and let me have as many as I needed. It would have been too expensive to have purchased so many large potting containers in the store.
I have planted egg plants, tomatoes, squash, and peppers so far. As you can see, Sadie looks as though she has been digging in a garden. Her paws are so dirty!

Here are my snap beans. I am hoping they will florish and grow up the fence.

Here are some cucumbers that I planted. I placed them on an old stump where they can grow out and over onto the ground.

This is the bed that I posted about several weeks ago. I was looking for something to fill it with that would look nice. I planted a couple different things there, and most of them are looking well. A few of them died, so I will have to replace them. I don't care for the fencing, but that was an attempt to keep the big dog from climbing into the bed to sleep.

Here are some herbs that I am growing in a basket on my deck. They seem to be doing well. I planted some in a basket and placed them on the window sill of my kitchen, but most of them have died. I don't know if it was not enough sunlight or if they were to confined. The tall plants are Stevia. I have never used it but some people really like it.

Here are my lavender plants. I have to decide where I am going to replant them. I know they need more space. I have always wanted to grow lavender and make lavender sachets.

I have been using our stainless steal "outdoor" kitchen for my potting table. I need to clean it up and find a place to do my potting other than the area we will be preparing food!

Speaking of outdoor cooking, here is my new grill. I have been wanting one of these for some time and finally broke down and bought one. I love to cook outdoors. So I am now searching for recipes to fill my summer time cooking outdoors. We have already done shrimp, salmon, mushrooms, kabobs, and corn on the cob. Looking forward to many more summer treats from the grill. Now I need a facuet to hook up my sink.
This is Mister Beaux-Jangles just chillin on the deck bench. He is a Shih-Tzu. And the mate to Sadie.

Scout was our goat dog, and now like me, is stuck in the city in a small back yard. Although he is the big dog, he is definately not the alpha dog. That title goes to Beaux-Jangles. And he often reminds Scout who is in charge. For now, they are both just chillin'.

I have more but I will save something to show you later. Hope you enjoyed the photo's from the city homestead. I suppose this country girl will have to make do with this until we can find our place in the country once again. For now, I am going to do the best I can to make a homestead here. Come back again and sit a spell.

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carri said...

Everything looks so beautiful! I planted lavender last year and it looks like it will bloom soon. I'm so excited about seeing those tiny flowers. I want to try baking some lavender cookies and oh so many other things. The sachets sound like a fun project too.


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