Tuesday, September 8, 2009

On The Homefront...or tales from the homestead

Happy Tuesday! Had a great weekend. Didn't do much, just enjoyed.

Got a busy week ahead and Noah's birthday is Sunday. Can't believe he will be four years old! Sometimes it seems impossible that he has been here that long.

Nothing much going on around here, just the usual daily life. Got to get Megan's school year going. High school is going to be different. I am enrolling her in a program from Bob Jones University. She will be doing online school. I think that will work out well for her. This way we can keep exact records of her progress and her high school credits. She will also have teachers other than myself to help her with the difficult subjects: i.e. Algebra, Algebra II, and Geometry. Did I mention I don't do those subjects very well? Anyway, I felt that she needed someone who actually understood those subjects to teach her. Lauren had a tutor at times to help with math, but since this online option is available, I decided to go with it instead.

She seems excited about it and seems to have a whole new attitude about school in general. Lets hope it lasts through the year!

I have Noah a preschool book to help him start to read. My goal with him this school year will be teaching him to read. Then next year we will start working on the other things. I want him to get a good reading foundation and learn phonics.

Lauren is working on her Medical Coding program and should be finished in the spring. Then I am hoping she will continue on and finish the Rad Tech program she had originally planned on doing. She says she would like to go to Bible College for a little while just for the experience at least. I hope if she is serious about it, that she can do that soon. She wants to go to Indiana Bible College. She has some friends there and has visited the area before. I just want what God's will is for her life. If she follows His plan then she will be successful and happy.

She is leaving Thursday to go to California with the Summit Youth group from church. They are going to sing and be a part of an outreach type thing over the weekend. She is excited about that. They fly out Thursday morning early, so if you would please be in prayer for them that they have a safe trip.

Tonight Andrew's company is doing an appreciation dinner for the employees, so we will be going to eat out for that. I will get to see Dick and Nancy again. We were in Kentucky with them and Nancy and I use to get up in the mornings and walk through the neighborhood together. Dick came back out of retirement to do this job, but I haven't seen either of them since we have been here. They have a home in Charlotte and he stays during he week here. She doesn't come with him often and there hasn't been an opportunity to visit with them since coming here.

Tomorrow Megan gets her bottom braces on. She has had her top ones for a couple of months. She is excited about that. Her top teeth are really looking good even after such a short time. So hopefully all will go well. She has been trying to put on weight. She finally reached 90 pounds! She doesn't realize that one day she will look back and be wishing she wouldn't have rushed the pounds on! Funny, I remember myself at close to her age. When I turned 15 I got my drivers licenses and told them I weighed 100 pounds, although I only weighed about 95. But all of my friends had passed 100 and I felt like such a baby weighing so little! Funny how I have spent many years battling pounds...

While cleaning out some things in the garage that had been stored, I ran across journal after journal that I had through the years and the one thread that ran through all of them was; I have never been happy with my weight and the condition of my body. I had written my weight and my goals and kept food journals for years...I was really jolted by this...

Apparently that is one thing I have grappled with for so many years...even at times when I didn't even need to lose weight, I wasn't happy with where my body was...I started thinking that apparently one goal for so much of my adult life has been to be a good weight and be in good physical shape. I'm not talking about like a model or the idea that we see in the magazines and through the media of how a woman is suppose to look. That isn't reality. But I am talking about feeling good about where my weight is but also being physically healthy. One goal I have always had was to run a marathon. To be physically able to have the stamina to run a marathon.

I remember as far back as the summer between my junior and senior year of high school, I started running. I wanted to be on the track team in my senior year of high school. I really enjoyed my runs. Of course, I had no idea of how to run correctly and ended up hurting my ankles. So I gave up on the idea. But through the years I have wished I could become a runner.

After reading through all of the journals I found that I had written, I realized that I had to work to obtain the one goal that has consumed so much of my adult life... even if I wasn't actively working toward that goal, I was dreaming of reaching that goal. If something has taken up so much of my life through the years, it much be something I really wanted. Now is the time to work hard to make that happen.

I started going to Curves in June, but slacked off through the summer. Now I have committed to it again and have been going regularly. I have changed my diet, and eat healthy and keep track of my calories. I quit Dr Pepper's and cut out the junk. I only fuel my body with good things...an have an occasional treat, such as the fried oyster Po' Boy I made the other day. But mostly it is lean meats, broiled, boiled, grilled or baked. I eat a lot of seafood! That's not a hard thing, since I could live on seafood. I have changed other habits and replaced them with good things. So far I have lost right at nine pounds! And I am feeling great! I am feeling very positive and know that I can do this...I am going to finally reach that goal of being a healthy weight. I am going to work on becoming the physically active person that I have always desired to become.

My dad always had a saying when I was growing up: Mind over Matter! It is actually quite accurate. 99% of accomplishing something is in your mind. If you set your mind to do it, you can accomplish it.

Success starts in your head, taking small steps forward. I tell myself; Just for today I will eat right and I will exercise. Don't worry about tomorrow, don't worry about the road ahead, just work one day at a time. Eventually you will reach that goal!

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