Thursday, October 16, 2008

We're Back

We made it back to Arkansas yesterday. We had gone to Louisiana for Daphne's wedding and decided to stay a few days.
The wedding was great! It went off without a hitch, except the groom was in the emergency room on Friday evening and unable to be at rehersal. But all is well, he is doing much better, and was able to be well and alert at the wedding and made it through the honeymoon without getting sick again. The couple made it back home Tuesday evening, just in time for me to visit with Daphne for a little bit.
Andrew and Lauren drove back to Arkansas on Sunday. But Megan, Noah and I stayed over.
Monday we went to town and met a good friend there and checked out a flea market and the Thrift store. Then we all went out to eat.
Tuesday we got up and drove to another near by town and visited with cousins that I hadn't seen in over a year. We got to see Kendra's twins. They were only a week old! They were so tiny. Brennan was 5 lbs plus and Jaylan was 4 plus pounds. How precious they were. I will post my photo's of them later. We had a good visit and then we went back to my mom's to enjoy a wonderful meal of chicken and sausage gumbo cooked by a wonderful lady who is an angel! Thanks Sis Dianna!
We got up on Wednesday and drove the six plus hours back home. I was glad to be home and today I am just taking it easy getting a slow start on the day. It is rainy and dark outside, one of those days that, if your lucky enough to be able to be home in your pj's, that's where you will be! And that is exactly where I am...

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