Friday, October 31, 2008

This weeks happenings

Well we finally did it! It took us a while, but after all this time, it is finally done! I talked about it here. Over a year ago! But little by little we completed our mission.

We got rid of one of our storage sheds!! We cleaned it out!
Everything! We threw away two truck loads of junk!
We brought the rest home for more through going through
and hopefully throwing more away.
That is $50.00 back in our pockets each month.

Some things will be kept.
Some will be given away (does anyone need a twin mattress set?). Free to a good home!
Some things will be taken to Louisiana and put into our storage shed that we own
and don't have to put out money on each month.
Those things will be things like Megan's very large collection
of Barbie dolls and baby dolls that she wants
to keep so someday she can show her children!
Other weeky events included:
Making fig preserves!

In August when my parents came for a visit, they brought me several gallon freezer bags
full of frozen figs.
These figs were picked and frozen by a very dear lady who has more figs than she can
do with herself, and is such a doll that she is willing to share
with her friends. Thanks Sis Phyllis!
The figs are delicious!

I just used one gallon bag to make these. I was just testing the recipe and it turned out well!
I thawed the figs, cooked them down in a water and sugar syrup. Added a little salt and some vanilla flavoring. I let them cook down very slowly, for about three hours, stirring often and staying very close to the pot.
The next batch I will add some sliced lemon instead of vanilla.
And another batch I will add strawberries to the mix.
I have fond memories of fig preserves.
My Granny Holaway use to make them when I was a kid.
We had a fig tree in our yard and she would come visit and I would climb up and pick figs,
she would then go home and make preserves and bring some back to us.
I loved them on toast!
I had forgotten about fig preserves for years until I was pregnant with Noah.
I started craving them. I searched and searched and finally found some in
Mountain View, Arkansas.
I bought a jar and ate my fill.
Then I started buying them at the Farmers Market at $6.00 a jar!
But thanks to Sis Phyllis, I have my own for just the cost of the sugar and my time!

And finally, this is my new kitchen curtain. For years, I have decorated my
kitchen in peppers. But when we moved into this house, I decided to change
the decor. I wanted to go with the "waiters" but just never did do much
toward decorating. The kitchen is smaller than I am use to and counter
space is precious, and I don't have any wall space for hanging plaques or pictures.
So I just didn't do anything.
While visiting the Goodwill store I ran across these curtains. They looked brand new,
never used. I paid $1.50 for them. I just couldn't
pass up such a deal. And I like how they look
in my kitchen window. It added a new
feel to my small kitchen. And for $1.50 how could you go worng?
Well, that about wraps up the week, other than the fact that we have all been sickies. We have been treating allergies all week. I suppose it is the change in the weather that is bringing it about.
Speaking of change:
Don't forget to change your clocks this weekend. Fall back! We get an extra hour on Saturday night to either sleep, or whatever...
But starting next week it will be dark much earlier and we will have to start
staying inside more and the days will seem much shorter. Lord knows I
could use longer days to accomplish the things on my to-do lists, but I suppose for
a few months, we will just have to deal with shorter days and more indoor
activities. Which sends me looking for one of these.

Because we know that less daylight= SAD for some of us.
Maybe this year I will actually try the light therapy. Wonder if Goodwill has one of
those lamps? HMMMMMMmmmmm......

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