Monday, June 30, 2008

Job Stuff...

It has been a while since I updated. Seems like June has been a busy month. I have been working more than usual. I have trained on another route and substituted on that route a couple of days. I am going in today to train on the case on a route that I have had to carry twice without training. I am going to try to learn the case so I can be used on that route also. Not necessarily my idea, but that is the way it is going, so I am just going with the flow.

My job is one area that I completely turned over to God. Not that I haven't in other areas also, but the job is one that I just allow Him to handle it. I am torn about working outside of the home. I struggled for years with the notion that I should be working, having a career, and being a "super woman", having it all; great career, kids, husband, and the great life that all that was suppose to offer. But I have also struggled with the feelings that I needed to be home with my kids.

It wasn't until around the age of 38 or so, and the birth of my son, that I let it all go, and realized that I didn't want that life. I truly wanted to be a stay at home mom. But it was also around that time that we really needed the extra income boost. We had decided to stop traveling with the company that my husband had been working for and settle down in Arkansas. So my husband took a job locally, which meant less pay, lower bonuses, fewer benefits and perks.

We thought we could handle the reduction of pay, but didn't factor in all the other losses. Such as loss of a company truck, that also included insurance paid, GAS paid, all upkeep paid for by the company! Wow! When we had to buy another vehicle for Andrew to use for work, add to insurance, buy gas and pay for upkeep, that was a lot! Then at the same time, our oldest daughter got her drivers licenses! Was that a shock. She was added to our insurance also. It doubled!! Then add a third child, which as an infant required formula, diapers and all the other things babies need.

So all of this was unplanned for expenses that we didn't factor into our decision. But here we were and so we had to do something. I had prayed for years that God would provide me a job that I could do without being away from my family full time and long hours, but would provide enough extra to make a difference.

One night, while awake worrying about what we were going to do, I was on the Internet and thought, "Hey, I think I will check the post office and see if they are hiring part time. I signed up to take the test. I prayed that God would have His way in this situation. I went to take the test. A few weeks later I got the results, and I did well. A few days later I got a letter to come for an interview. I prayed again for God's will. I was given the job on the spot. I was told to go to training for close to three weeks. I again prayed God's will, and the training went well. I began to pray God's will in advance for the job placement and the right situation. I was placed in a great post office with great coworkers and supervisor.

I took each step at a time, and told God that it was all in His hands. While others fret and fuss about this or that, I say my job was given to me by God and it is in His hands. Recently there were changes made because route count was low this year. Many of the routes got changed from a K route to a J route. Among other things, a K route means the regular works 5 days a week and has a sub 1 day. On a J route the regular works 5 days one week and 6 the next. Meaning the subs only work every other week. The route I work is one of the only ones in our post office that wasn't affected. I am still working every week.

So I felt that was God's hand. I have been working at the post office over a year and a half, in November it will be two years, and in that time, we have had three supervisors. But I am not going to stress or worry. I go to work, I do my job to the best of my ability. I know that God gave it to me, if it is His will, He will move me or keep me there. My faith is in Him. He is my boss. I do my job unto Him, not for the supervisor, or the post office, but I am in service to God, even on my job. I have placed it into His hands, and accept His will in it. So when something happens at work regarding my schedule or my placement, I know it is His doing. And that makes it easier to accept the changes that take place with my job.

So far, He hasn't done me anything but Good! I know He will not fail but guide me in each step. Who knows where it may lead. When I took the job, I didn't think long term. And I still don't think to much about it. But if for instance, I am still there a few years down the road and a full route comes available, if it is His will, then I will take that step at that time. But for now, I am just doing what I am doing and letting God open the doors and with His help, I will step into them and follow His lead.

Well this isn't want I had in mind when I started this post, but it just ended up here. So for today I will leave it at this. There are other things I wanted to post about; the cake decorating class Megan and I are taking, photo's of recent happenings, the one year anniversary of my Mawmaw's death, and other things, but today this will have to suffice. I gotta go do some dishes and laundry and cleaning before I have to go to work at noon.

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