Sunday, November 15, 2009

Of Birthdays and Blessings...

Message I wrote in the sand when Andrew and I visited the Pacific Ocean

Well today was a good day. I grew another year wiser. I spent the morning with the family and cleaning up around my creative space. Doing some necessary organizing, getting ready for Lauren to come and then my parents visit in December.

We made the 11:00 service this morning and it was a great one. God is such an awesome God. His blessings are so great, above all that we can ask or think...

I got in a great workout this afternoon. I am trying to increase my stamina for longer durations so when I start running, I won't get as winded. I know that may be a strange approach, but so far it is working. I am within four pounds of the goal I set for Thanksgiving. With a week and a half to go, maybe I can lose another pound or two by then. Once I reach that goal, then I will have 15 pounds left to lose to reach my final goal. As of today, I have lost twenty pounds since August. But the aspect of it that I am most proud of is the exercise. I have really made that a priority and it is paying off. I can see a big difference. So can Andrew, so that is very encouraging. When I finished my workout today, he told me that he was very proud of me and very impressed with my exercise discipline. Although I am not doing it for accolades or recognition from someone else, it does feel good to know that my husband is noticing.

This time, I am doing this for me...because I deserve it. I deserve to feel good about myself and my accomplishments. I don't want anything to hold me back from the things I want to do in life. Although I didn't have tons of weight to lose, I was still over what I should be for my body type and my bone structure. I allowed that to hinder me from so many things. But mostly, I want to be in good physical shape so that as I get older, I can possibly avoid some of the illnesses that befall those who have extra weight on them. I also want to be physically able to run and be more active. I do have a four year old son that is very active. As the years go on, I want to be able to keep up. I have always wanted to run marathons. Losing the weight is getting me closer to that goal. Not to mention all the cute clothes I will be able to fit into! HA! HA!

Well, it is getting down to the end of the day, I am getting tired and plan on resting this evening. God forgive me for not going to church tonight. But I do plan to listen to a preaching CD and get my praise on here at home tonight.

Today, as I turned 43, I want to say how thankful I am for all of God's blessings...I am thankful for God living inside of me, guiding me daily, blessing me beyond measure. I am thankful for my family, our health, and all the things God has added unto us. There are so many blessings that I can't name them all. I am thankful...

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