Monday, November 10, 2008


Okay, so I have used coupons a lot through the years. No big deal, right? Sometimes I would save a few dollars on my grocery bill and I thought I was really doing something.

But when I read this blog and this blog with all of those who commented on their savings, I began to think that maybe there was much more to couponing than I understood. So I began to read, and study and this is what I did..

Kroger is having a Mega deal event this week and next. If you buy 10 of selected items, you get $5.00 off the purchase. Kroger also doubles coupons up to 55 cents,(that's $1.10). So I had coupons on all these items. I got these 10 items for a grand total of ...are you ready?

I got
4 boxes of Quaker Oats,
1- 3 liter bottle of water,
2 boxes Betty Crocker scalloped and Au Gratin potatoes
1 package Betty Crocker Triple chunk chocolate chip cookie mix
2-24 boxes of Tylenol extra strength
That is 10 items
I paid....$4.13!!!!
I was so pumped! I have never saved that much on anything before!
I was hooked. I am like a crack addict looking for my next fix!

Here it is. The water was free and the tylenol was also free with coupons and the money back after buying the 1o items. $4.13!! Wow!

So I go to another Kroger store today, because the one I went to yesterday didn't have some of the items I wanted. So today this is what I got. Minus the items listed earlier.


Today's haul was great. I got:
1-4 roll Cottenelle tissue- .29 cents!
1-2 liter DrPepper
1-2 liter Big K Ginger Ale
1-64 oz Welch white grape juice
4 cans condensed soup
2 cans carnation cream
16 slices kraft cheese
1 can Pringles
3 cans Chef Boyardee
1-package Betty Crocker Chocolate chunk cookie mix (in addition to the one I got yesterday)
1 box Duncan Hines brownie mix
3 boxes Swiss Miss hot chocolate mix
2 Peter Pan peanut butter
4 boxes Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal .40 cents a box!!!!
1-box Ritz crackers
2 boxes Pilsbury Toaster strudels
1 bag Totinos Pizza rolls
2 kroger chili envelopes (seasoning)
1 bag Fritos
1 bag Chili Cheese Fritos
1 bag Cheetos
5 cans kroger brand sliced potatoes
With the $10.00 off because of buying 20 of the items and with the coupons I had the total for today's shopping trip was.....
I am so into this now!!
I can't wait to go back to save more money!
I am a crazy woman. I am so excited!! I use to dread going grocery shopping, now I want to go everyday just to see how much money I don't spend!!

My total savings from both trips was.....

If anyone out there doesn't use coupons, and you get them in the mail or in your newspaper, I would be glad to take them off your hands...
Just let me know and I will send you SASE's and you can just drop them in the mail to me!!
Here are a couple of cute quotes about money to end this post. Enjoy!

If more of us thought in these terms, we would have much less junk in our homes and much more happiness in our lives!

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