Tuesday, September 2, 2008

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I just realized how long it has been since I blogged. I feel like I have deserted it. But things have been busy. I had to work last week, and now we are on vacation. So this post will be short and sweet just to catch up on things.

We are in Chicago right now. We had plans and reservations at Destin Beach, Florida. But as time went on and the treat of hurricane Gustav was looming, we changed our plans. We first tried to get a flight to San Diego, but to no avail. We couldn't get a flight at the last minute with our seats together. And since we have a three year old,(almost) and a 13 year old that has never flown. We felt we needed to be assured of seat together. So out plan C was to drive to Chicago. So here we are!

Saturday after I got off work, we got ready and drove to Nashville. We got us Sunday and took Noah to see Thomas the tank Engine. He was visiting Nashville on "A Day Out With Thomas" tour, and since Noah absolutely loves Thomas, we had to go. We got to ride the rails with Thomas pulling the cars. He had his photo taken with Sir Topham Hat and Thomas. And loaded up on Thomas goodies. It was a great time. Since his birthday is coming up next week, it worked out great for a birthday trip. Then we left there and drove the 7+ hours to Chicago. We checked into the Residence Inn on the Magnificent Mile and have had a great trip so far.

The girls did some shopping yesterday and we spent the day walking the Mag Mile. We viewed the city fron Hancock Observatory. Then we walked over to the beach and played around until the sun went down.

Today we are off to explore the Art Institute of Chicago, Pier,Millennium Park, and Michigan Avenue Bridge. We are planning to take a ride on a horse drawn carriage around town and maybe a boat tour of Lake Michigan.

Then we have tomorrow to go to Shedd Aqurium and see whatever else we decide to do. We will get up on Thursday and head back to Arkansas. And summer fun is over. Back to work, back to school and back to the real world. The real world for us anyway!

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