Saturday, September 20, 2008


Nothing much going on at the moment. I am very tired from working today and running around much of the week. So I am sitting and very sleepy...I will try to get Noah down early tonight and get a few more fact, I could lie down right now, and go right to sleep!

My parents left to go back to Louisiana today. They have been here three times since the first of August. Once for camp meeting and twice because of hurricanes. We ran around several days this week, going to yard sales and to flea markets. I got so blessed yesterday. A few days ago I bought a new bicycle and have been looking at those bike trailers for kids to ride in. Anyway, they are around $100.00 and up. I almost bought one a couple of days ago, but decided to hold off. Yesterday we went to an estate sale and I got a perfectly good one, almost new, for $15.00! All it needs is a coupler to hook it to the bike and those only cost about $8 -$9 bucks! So for less than $25 I got a great trailer to pull Noah in while we are biking.

Well I am going to end here and get things rounded up for bedtime. I will leave you with a little shameless bragging. Here is my daughters photography web site. She has started a photography business and it is really coming along great. So I wanted to share her work with you.

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