Monday, September 22, 2008

My new ride!

No! Not that one. Don't I wish! Although I am working on it. That is my new dream car. Does that mean I am going through my mid-life crisis, because I want a convertable--beetle bug? Hopefully that will be my next new ride. But for now this is my new ride.....

This is Megan's new ride. She really likes it!

Even Noah got into the action. He got a new bike for his birthday. I will post that photo later, but to go on rides with us, until he builds up his stamina to ride that far, he can chill in his new trailer.

Of course, that means I will have to really work extra hard to pull him and the trailer. I definately will have to build up to longer rides.
The bikes I bought new, but the trailer was a blessing. I had been looking at them and pricing them....$100.00 and up. I happened by an estate sale the other day and bought this great, like new trailer for $15.00!!!! I was thrilled. It was just a little dusty and needed the coupler to attach it to the bike. No big deal. Less than $10.00 bucks, cheaper than I thought, and we are good to go!!

Happy trails!!!

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