Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Eggs and a Few Things...

We have EGGS....
Hennie Pennie started laying last week. She was giving us one a day until Saturday...Andrew and I went to the flock swap at the Downtown family feed store and we brought home two more hens. We wanted to supplement our eggs production until our other six were old enough to lay. I guess these new hens disturbed Hennie Pennie's routine and she has skipped a couple of days giving eggs. On top of that, the two new hens have only given two eggs in four days. So I suppose it will take everyone a little time to adjust to the new conditions. Hennie Pennie is a barred rock and lays brown eggs. The two new ones, Goldie and Blackie, are Ameraucana's and they lay the blue-green "Easter" eggs.

Here are the last of my heirloom tomatoes. I was very disappointed with my tomatoes this year. I have never had problems growing tomatoes in my life. But this year, they got bottom rot and I lost all of my tomato plants. I did manage to harvest a few Roma's and a few of these heirloom variety tomatoes.

I planted a couple egg plants and this is my Japanese eggplant. I usually only plant black beauties but thought I would try something different. So far, so good.

One thing that did very well was my banana pepper plant. I just planted one, but it gave and abundance of peppers. I decided to pickle a few of them.

My fig trees started off with several figs this year, but as it ended up, I had one lone fig. I picked it and enjoyed a little taste of fig anyway. Well maybe next year they will do better. I can only hope.

The basil and carrots seem to be doing well. I harvested the potatoes last week and a few brussel sprouts. I have been putting up peas steadily the last few weeks. Clearing out beds to start planting for fall. Still in the planning stages, but need to get cracking as it is time now to plant a few things. Hopefully the fall garden will be more successful than the spring/summer one.

Just a little update on the happenings around the "urban ...stead." Next time I will try to have some pictures of the hens to post and hopefully a few more eggs. I will also try to remember to take a picture of Jack's new digs as well.

Still enjoying my parents visiting and getting ready for Noah to start back to school in two weeks. The first of next week I will take him for a hair cut and supply shopping. He is getting excited, but I on the other hand, not so much! I have enjoyed our long, lazy summer days at home. But I suppose it will do us all some good to get back on a routine and have a little more structure in our lives...or not...

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