Saturday, August 13, 2011

Birthday's and such

We celebrated two birthday's this week. My sweetheart's birthday was Tuesday he turned forty-five. We celebrated with lasagna and cheese cake. Friday was Lauren's birthday. She turned twenty-two, although she keeps saying she wishes she were still eighteen, but don't we all!

Twenty-two years ago on August 12th, I became a mom for the first time. I was twenty-two, almost twenty-three years old. Now that little bundle is the age I was then. Mind boggling at times how quickly time goes.

I will never forget the way I felt holding my little baby when they placed her into my arms. I wasn't fearful, although if I had been smart, I would have probably been very afraid. You just don't realize how much your life changes once a baby becomes a part of it. Nothing is ever the same again. You become a very different person than the one you were before.

This morning I awoke with plans to cook a big breakfast. I had bacon and wanted to make homemade biscuits. I looked up a new buttermilk biscuit recipe and begin preparing the dough in my favorite glass bowl. Andrew joined me in the kitchen and we were talking as he cooked the bacon. After cutting out the biscuits and placing them into the oven, I begin to clean up the dirty dishes. I wash my big clear glass Pyrex bowl by hand and dried it to put away.

I love this bowl. I have had it for many years and have used it to mix cake batter, cookie dough, dumplings, brownies, biscuits and so many other things. It was the largest bowl I owned. I keep it on the top shelf in my cabinet over the dishwasher. I nest several smaller glass bowls inside due to space limitations in my kitchen. Which has never been a problem...until this morning. I don't know if my hands were still wet, maybe my arms were a little weak from not being awake long, but whatever the case, this bowl filled with the other glass bowls slipped from my hands and hit the counter top with a loud crash! Glass went flying! Everything stopped...when it was all over, my favorite bowl was shattered into millions of pieces all over the counter and the kitchen floor. I stood very still as the glass continued to spill off the counter top onto the floor.

My husband ran to grab the shop vac and begin to vacuum up the glass from the floor while I bandaged my cuts. Then we worked together to clear away the debris. I ended up with three band aids, but no major cuts that would require stitches.

During all the calamity, the biscuits cooked on in the oven. Little did they know they would be the last thing that would be mixed in the big, glass Pyrex bowl. They were good, that is one consolation.

I will have to go shopping soon to find a new bowl to replace the one I lost this morning. However, I think I will rearrange my cabinets and put the glass bowls on the lower shelf, so they will be easier to reach next time.

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