Thursday, December 25, 2008


Wow! Christmas already! Where did the time go? It just slipped up on me...
Well, we are post Christmas gift opening and this is the breakdown on current activities:
Megan, Noah and Andrew are trying to figure out a Wii game that Megan got called Mario Cart,
Lauren is sleeping on the couch surrounded by opened gifts and covered in Megan's blanket.
Noah is whining because he wants to play Wii too, Mom is on the phone, Dad is snoozing it up, and I am aside from being on the computer, in the kitchen getting a few things ready for us to nibble on today.

Last night I cooked a ham, dirty rice, green peas, rolls and a carrot cake for Dad's birthday.

Today I took the easy way out, I sent Lauren to Whole Hog bbq yesterday to get a couple pounds of pulled pork for bbq sandwiches to go with the cocktail sausage, jalapeno cheese dip, cream cheese dip, crackers and chips. I think there is some of the carrot cake left, I made brownies, fudge and there is left over ham and dirty I think we will be well fed today, not that ALL of us (me) need to be well feed, uhmmmm.....but I will save that for a new years resolution!!

Well, the kitchen is calling, so I will post again later about the blessings the day brings. I have to work the next two days, so I will be scarce again.

At the end of the post I wanted to mention a family that we know from Louisiana who aren't having a good Christmas day today. Two days ago their 14 year old son was shot accidently and he died on Christmas Eve. His name was Brad Maddox. His parents are Danny and Sherry Maddox. The funeral is tomorrow, so please be in prayer for that family along with the family of the young man who accidently shot him. I am sure that both families are having a very difficult Christmas.

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