Thursday, December 11, 2008

Christmas Spirit Where are you???

I'm just not feeling it this year. I can't seem to find the Christmas Spirit anywhere! I have been shopping, and it only makes me cranky; ask my kids if you don't believe it.

The majority of the shopping, or should I say, buying that I have done, has been online. I get to sit in my pj's and have my purchases brought straight to my front door, and not fight over parking spaces and stand in long lines...Why haven't I don't this before?

Well, I have done shopping online, but until this year, I always enjoyed getting out and going to the stores, seeing the Christmas decorations, hearing the music, and feeling the vibe from all the shoppers bustling around, and carrying all the decorative bags of their purchases around.

But this year, it's just to much of a hassle. I don't want to go anywhere and have to shop.

We are cutting back this year, as I am sure that many are, but it isn't that, it's just, well...
I don't feel it...

I'd much rather be doing something else.

I suggested that we all just choose one thing we really want and then we use the rest of the money to go somewhere and spend Christmas. Like I don't know----Hmmmm....Seattle for instance...

But they wouldn't go for it. I even suggested we go to Colorado and stay in a ski lodge and just spend Christmas that way, instead of our traditional way. But no dice...They won't fall for it.

I got a call from my supervisor this morning, I have to work the day after Christmas anyway, so that wouldn't work after all. So I guess I will finish the Christmas shopping and we will do Christmas here at home, like we do every year.

But we are cutting back on the amount we spend on each one. In fact, Megan had a hard time deciding what she wanted for Christmas. She couldn't really think of anything specific, that big thing she wanted...but after looking around and thinking it over, she came up with a few things...

Well, gotta run...Megan has riding lessons in a little while, so I better get moving.

We decorated our tree Saturday evening. We bought new decorations this year. We had been using Silver and blue since we moved to Arkansas in '04, so we were ready for a change.

We also got a smaller tree last year when we moved into this smaller house. We had no room for our big tree, so we downsized... That's okay with me, it fits the size of my enthusiasm this year; small and close to non existent!!

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