Friday, August 8, 2008

Phoenix in the rain...

I am sitting in the hotel room in Phoenix and it is storming outside. The hotel next to us is out of electricity because a transformer blew just up the street. Thank God we still have electricity here.
We went to the Saints game...yippee! I am not interested in the least in football, but hubby is a fanatic, so we compromise. I spent the entire game taking photo's for hubby and texting with my kids back home. Megan was sick, started running a temp today. I think it is just her allergies, but if she isn't better tomorrow, Lauren will have to take her to the doc. Just the kind of thing that keeps a mom worrying when she is away from her kids. Other than that, all is well on the homefront. Noah is doing well. I spoke to him on the phone tonight and he told me he was staying with "Larnon (what he calls Lauren), MeMe (his name for Megan), grandma, and pawpaw." He said that he had put a puzzle together by himself and that he was having a good time. So I feel like he will do fine. Just pray that Megan gets well soon!
Anyway, back to the game... Attached are a couple of photo's I took. I couldn't take my zoom lens in, so I just have panoramic shots.
Tomorrow we leave for Seattle! Yea! Now the fun begins for me!
Views of the hotel room: comfy bed!
Great Kitchen--love the decor!
Where we ate before the game
It is like a 50's style diner
Had a good homestyle burger and fries.
As the other team was introduced onto the field
Some Saints players on the bench and the ESPN camera guy
More Saints players
Views from the walk back to the hotel after the game.
Gotta get in bed it is getting late and I have another flight to make tomorrow. I will post from Seattle in a day or so.

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